IQRA’ International Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization creates unique programs on Islamic Studies. We rebranded the IQRA’ website with a beautiful design.

Strategy, Creative Direction, Frontend development, Responsive web design, CMS



The new rebranded IQRA website took the typical bookstore website to a whole new level. With the new strong and impactful branding, the website featured IQRA’s years of effort as a non-profit, its comprehensive educational and training programs. The new website also featured a more comprehensive bookstore with categories for a better e-commerce experience.

Then and Now

Taking the identity and experience to an all new level by consistent and intentional use of branding elements, links and areas of highlight throughout the site.

The final result was a bold, impactful and user-friendly website.


Photograpy and Typography Treatment

Black and white photo treatment to create timeless and emotional look clubbed with the strong typography drive the message home.
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